What We Do

You’ve been waiting for a modern law firm marketer. Here we are.

FTW didn’t just listen to us to make our dream online presence happen – but they told us what we need to do to get clients online. And it worked!
Celia Lerman, Partner, Lerman & Szlak

How the Magic Happens

Words & Action

Some people are good at talking, but not doing. Others good at doing, but not talking. We are at the precise intersection of the two.

Clarity & Transparency

You don’t need someone who just does the work well; you need to understand what exactly we’re doing, to make sure it’s achieving your goals. We prioritize frequent, clear communication.

Very High Touch

We’re high touch. We’ll ask questions, interact, show you what we’re doing. If you want someone to click a button and vanish – that’s not us.

Ultra Modern Toolset

Perhaps irrationally, we love using modern tooling. We know the secret magic is in ourselves, how we do it, our processes – not the type of hammer we use. But we love having the best, shiniest hammer.

FTW Legal Marketing for Law Firms, Attorneys & Lawyers

Through our sheer obsessiveness, creativity, and professionality.