You need a modern online marketing firm that understands law firms.

When a potential client is looking for a lawyer, you want them to hire you because you’re great at — or at least, good enough for their purposes — the precise thing that they need help with. Right? This is how we are with law firm marketing: we’re great at this one thing, which happens to be the one thing you need. (And we know you need this not only because we can read your mind, but because you wouldn’t be here, on this page, now, if you didn’t.)

Process + Creativity

To do marketing well, you need the right brain and the left brain–the wild creativity, but the focused processes and discipline as well. Our firm and our team embodies both sides.

Effective Processes

The best ideas in the world, without a rigorous process, collapse under their own weight.

...Are Tested & Tweaked

This is one reason why our methodology centers around testing & tweaking.

Creativity Harnessed

But following a process isn't enough. Within its bounds, we need constant, creative problem-solving.

...Solves Tough Marketing Problems.

This is why we focus on process, process, process — but we’re not robots. We think, question, and change our processes for each situation.

Magic Happens!

Magic isn't something willed onto us by Zeus. Magic is the reward for a good job.

...When we make magic's prerequisites happen

We wish we could promise magic, in every case, always. We do everything we can to make magic happen.

Site visitors/month
Cups of coffee per day
Lines of code written for lawyers

Meet our Team

Morgan Friedman
Morgan Friedman
Morgan has been helping companies & law firms go from “startup” phase to millions of dollars in gross revenue, by leading online user acquisition, for the last 15 years.
Online Marketing 100%
Joseph Turian
Joseph Turian
Joseph is a superstar software developer & machine learning expert who is leading the development of our Secret Sauce software, that helps make the magic happen.
Legal AI 100%
Wittgenstein is our proprietary machine learning-based technology: one of our secret sauces in our online marketing. Want to know more about our unique advantage? Just ask!
Legal Marketing Machine Learning Platform 100%

Where does your name come from?

We choose our name, FTW, for two reasons. First, it is an acronym using the first letters of the last name of our two founding partners (Friedman and Turian), combined with the first letter of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s last name. Why Wittgenstein? Well, he’s not only a philosopher who has influenced us (along with his often-opposed cousin Karl Popper), but he’s also the name of our legal marketing AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning) system that is one of our key advantages). We named it after him because we both admire his work (having long ago done the hard work of figuring out what his Tractus is really trying to say!), and fundamentally appreciate his core argument, which is something like: words matter; and in fact, words may be the only thing that matters. This insight of his is one of the key insights of both the practice of law, and the practice of marketing.

The other reason we chose FTW as our name is that it is a contemporary, informal, and young American slang phrase that stands for “For the win.” It means something like, “Awesome!” or “This will lead us to victory, off and away!”. If you didn’t know that, then that means you don’t spend enough time on the deepest parts of the Internet. And that’s probably a good thing for your own health.

FTW Legal Marketing for Law Firms, Attorneys & Lawyers

Through our sheer obsessiveness, creativity, and professionality.