To Instagram or not to Instagram, that is the question.

Okay, so maybe Hamlet didn’t quite say it like that — and don’t worry, we’re not going to contemplate suicide here the way Hamlet did in this speech: no bare bodkins here! — but our almost-humorous joke does imply a noteworthy point: do you want to be the sort of lawyer who Instagrams or not?

A common response to that question, to those above 25-ish, is “Nope, not for me” and a common response to that question, to those below 25, is “That’s the cool thing to do, even for a lawyer.”

I say, “Maybe” to both. There’s a time and place under the sun for everything, and when is the time and place for a lawyer to Instagram?

I’ll lead into my answer with an anecdote. A few days ago, I was wondering if any doctors Instagram, and Instagram well. So I Googled, “best doctor Instagram” and various lists came back, with a bunch of doctors who, well, Instagram. And in each one of those accounts, I saw a cute man or cute woman, in cute pose after cute pose. And lots of great food photos. Like a perfect Instagram account.

But I have to say: I lost respect for all those doctors. I mean, they looked like great people to go have a beer or drink with, but I’m not sure I want would want to be on their operating table. I want a doctor who is spending his spare time trying to be a better doctor or obsessing over his patients; not trying to take a cute photo of himself on top of a mountain.

The same applies to many lawyers, methinks. Most potential clients want to have the illusion that their professional is working non-stop to solve their, and their other clients’, challenges. Not that they’re out partying while you’re in such a crisis you went to the professional in the first place.

That said, every lawyer has a different marketing strategy so the key step-back question is: what is your user acquisition strategy? And as a result of that, how do you want to present yourself? If you want to be seen as a stodgy, classic, but reliable firm – then avoid IG. But if you want to be the young, cool law firm — then maybe there is room for IG as part of your strategy? Just be careful: make sure your IG gives off the impression that you want it to give off.