You’ve Never Experienced Marketing Like This Before.

Art + Science

Marketing is both an art and a science. We need rigorous statistics and testing to discover what works; but creative ideas and problem solving to know what to test, implement, and measure.


Creativity is a core aspect of our work – but not just visually, but in terms of coming up with creative strategies and solutions to overcome the bumps we will face.

Yet Serious

Here’s the problem with too many creative people: they’re not focused or serious. We are too-focused, and too-serious — although with a smile and good energy.


We’re also process-obsessed. We try out lots of strategies and what works, we turn into processes so we can repeat and scale. What doesn’t work, we chuck.

And above all, we understand how lawyers need to market themselves. Very, very well.

Here’s the problem with hiring most marketers: they don’t understand you personally and your needs; they don’t understand your company; they don’t the restraints and requirements that lawyers face while marketing themselves. And in the rare case in which none of those are a problem, they likely won’t have time for you. We don’t have any of those problems and in fact, our firm we conceived from the ground-up to give you the service you need and live up to your high expectations.

FTW Legal Marketing for Law Firms, Attorneys & Lawyers

Through our sheer obsessiveness, creativity, and professionality.